"I was looking for a lawyer to help with visitation and modification for my daughter. To be honest, I was scared, never had to find a lawyer before. I was very lucky to have found Jeredith Jones. She explained the process, told me what to expect, and most importantly, she cared. At one point in my case, I was going to relent. but she held firm in her beliefs. Thank God she did. That day was the day my ex tested positive for meth in court. She fought hard for me and my daughter, and to me that is priceless. So if you are looking for someone that is reasonable, fair, caring, and knows the law, she's it."
- Amanda Lopez

"If you need a Strong, No Nonsense, Get it done kind of Lawyer, she's it. In 2015, my daughter received a newborn child from Child Protective Services and was able to keep the baby for a few days, then months, then a year. Now in 2017, she was ready to adopt. I explained "You don't get a do over" in a case like this. We had to be certain that the attorney we chose was Smart, Confident, Direct, and wants to WIN, we didn't want to lose this precious baby. After a few failed meetings, it was time to sit down with Ms. Jones. My daughter and I both left with every question we had answered and immediately felt relief. Ms. Jones took the case and ran with it, overcoming every obstacle thrown at us and there were many. She not only was a fierce Attorney, she showed our family compassion and made sure we understood every step we were taking and why. We are now very Proud Grandparents. If you need a strong, no nonsense Get it Done Kind of lawyer, she's it."
- Kimberly W.

"Jeredith is an amazing lawyer!!! I highly recommend her in any family law situation she really looks out for the best interest of the children!!"
- Anonymous

"Very knowledgeable, very professional. I recommend to everyone who seeks legal counsel!!"
- Mandi R.

"Jeredith was amazing, helpful, and willing to go above and beyond."
- Kelly R.