How Do I Find a Divorce Lawyer

Picking the Right Divorce Lawyer

The second most common question I am asked about my legal practice when I am at a Social Function or at a Networking Event is “How do I pick a good Lawyer?” The most common question I am asked is “How to get away with Murder.”

I do not have an answer for the question “how do I get away with Murder,” but I often talk at length with potential clients, friends, family members, and other lawyers about how to pick a good lawyer.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

In any situation when you are facing a divorce, custody case, or other family law case, an individual has the right to represent themselves in front of a Judge. There are some situations in which you may not need an attorney, and it is a personal decision if you want to hire an attorney. An experienced attorney will be able to guide an individual through the divorce process with ease and reduce anxiety at each step of the way. In addition, an experienced family and divorce lawyer will know how to address potential problems before the problems occur and explain the potential options for any type of problem or concern that an individual may have. Call the team at Jeredith Jones, Attorney At Law for a consultation today for your Montgomery County Family Law Matter, Conroe Divorce, Conroe Custody matter and for cases in Harris county and Walker county.

Chose an Attorney With Experience

In Montgomery County, Texas, there are many family lawyers and there are also many other types of lawyers. If you are looking for an attorney, you should seek out an attorney that is knowledgeable about the type of area in which you have a problem. Jeredith Jones, Attorney at Law is well versed in family law, domestic violence, property divisions, custody battles, real property in divorce, and retirement benefits but doesn’t know much about personal injury unless the personal injury in some way relates to a property division. Any lawyer can go to court on any case but it is unlikely that an attorney who does not regularly practice the type of law which relates to your problem will likely not be very effective to complete the work that you’ve hired them to do. Jeredith Jones, Attorney at Law practices family law, which includes adoptions, custody disputes, enforcement of custody orders, uncontested divorces and contested divorces in Conroe, Montgomery County, The Woodlands, Porter, Humble, Houston, and Huntsville.

Choose a Local Attorney When Possible

In addition, it’s always wise to choose a lawyer that practices in the location in which your case is located. I am often asked to take divorce cases all over the state of Texas. In rare circumstances, I do take cases outside of Montgomery County, Harris County, Polk County, and Walker County but if the case is going to require a large amount of court time or if the case would require knowing the local courts and Judges, it would be best if a person hires a local attorney. Judges throughout the state of Texas are fair, have advanced degrees and a great deal of experience but they also have certain expectations of the lawyers and the parties in a case. It is important that a failure to meet these expectations or an easily avoidable mistake would hinder a client’s position or waste time, that a local attorney with experience in the local courts will likely prevent more difficult litigation. In addition, most attorneys bill per hour for the time it takes to travel, require reimbursement for travel expenses, and other fees. These costs drive your attorney’s fee up quickly and unnecessarily. Jeredith Jones, Attorney at Law has a large network of other attorneys whom she trusts throughout the state for cases that are geographically unworkable. Lawyer Jeredith Jones practices family law, divorce, trial work, custody cases and adoptions in Harris County, Walker County, and Montgomery County, Texas.

Do Your Homework

Make sure to check the State Bar of Texas Website. All lawyers practicing in the State of Texas will have a page that you can review that will have information about that lawyer. The information on the State Bar of Texas website will include the attorney’s primary practice areas, business address, date that they were granted admission to the bar (the date they began practicing law), a telephone number, email address, and most importantly, any disciplinary records. An attorney can receive a discipline action for many reasons and can even be dis-bared. This information is available on the Texas Bar Website. In addition, if the discipline is severe, some recordings have been made of the hearings and the recordings are available through You-tube. Being an attorney is a difficult job and if discipline actions are very old, the attorney probably learned a lesson or had a situational issue that caused a problem, like the loss of a parent, child, or spouse. If you feel comfortable with an attorney with a discipline record, you should still hire that attorney. Most of an attorney’s clients come from referrals. It is extremely flattering when a client or other professional refers client to assist in his or her Conroe divorce, Houston divorce, Huntsville divorce, Conroe custody case, Houston custody case or Huntsville custody case. Prior clients have direct experience with the attorney and will know if the attorney is reliable, knowledgeable, and will be able to handle the case. Sometimes social media groups will also make recommendations regarding an attorney. Every case is different so having the benefit of a website with information that is helpful to you or gives you a sense of how the attorney may handle your case also gives you insight and will assist in reinforcing your decision.

Meet With the Attorney

Meet with the attorney before you hire that attorney if possible. In some cases, I will speak with a prospective client over the telephone and that client wishes to retain my services without coming to the office. This is not a common situation and if the attorney offers free consultations or lower cost consultations you should meet with the attorney before giving the attorney any money.

It is my current practice to meet with clients during business hours and I offer a free half hour consultation. I also understand that a person’s time is often limited by the demands of work and family so attorney Jeredith Jones will also speak with potential clients over the telephone if your time is limited. Generally, Jeredith Jones, Attorney at Law will listen to your concerns and need for representation and discuss with you what the potential options, outcomes, and plan for your case to obtain the desired result. If a client decides to retain the services of Jeredith Jones, Attorney at Law, she would discuss the fees, potential costs, payments and payment plans, and a contract for her services. There would also be some discussion about preliminary matters like Standing Orders and the Texas Lawyer Ethical Guidelines.

Discussing these items would generally be considered standard during a consultation and you should plan to speak with any attorney about the same issues. If you are dissatisfied with the plan of the attorney, or the attorney seems to be offering little in the way of services but expects a great deal of money, you may want to seek a second opinion about your case.

What’s Important to You?

Jeredith Jones and her staff pride themselves in being client responsive and tailoring representation to meet the needs of each client. As a person who needs to retain a lawyer, discuss what aspects of hiring the attorney are most important to you. Before meeting with any attorney, ask yourself questions and discuss these issues with the attorney you are interviewing.

Some questions that you may find important are:

  • “How fast do you respond to emails or phone calls?”
  • “Will you text information to me?”
  • “How often will I receive a statement regarding my trust balance?”
  • “Will the attorney I meet with be handling my case or will an associate be handling my case?”
  • “How much does the attorney charge me for support staff, faxes, copies, or other miscellaneous costs?”
  • “What are the duties of the support staff and what are the duties of the attorney?”
  • “What hours does the attorney work?”
  • “Is the lawyer knowledgeable about my issue?”
  • “Does the lawyer have ideas or a plan on how to handle my case?”
  • “Does the lawyer answer my questions?”
  • “Are there expectations that the attorney has of me?”

These questions are not an exhaustive list of potential questions. You may have your own unique concerns based on experience or based on your own personal desires and it is important to your comfort and confidence in your attorney that you understand what to expect from your attorney. Asking these questions may be the difference between having a productive relationship with your attorney or needing to hire a new attorney in the middle of your case.

Jeredith Jones, Attorney at Law is always open to these types of questions and concerns and works to represent her clients with professionalism and with the client’s stated goal in mind. It’s very important to her that her clients are taken care of and represented well throughout the legal process.

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