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Montgomery County Family Lawyer Jeredith Jones Represents her Clients in All Types of Family Law Cases

Jeredith Jones, Attorney at law is an experienced, compassionate Montgomery County Divorce Lawyer, Family Lawyer, Custody Lawyer, and Adoption Lawyer. There are many considerations that will go into any decision to retain a lawyer, especially when you are hiring a lawyer to represent you and protect your rights and your family. That is why Jeredith Jones, Attorney at Law works so diligently to assist her clients in addressing their specific concerns and making sure that each case is handled with the upmost attention to detail. Family Law cases and other litigation requires preparation and knowledge beyond just knowing what initial paperwork should be filed. Many cases are very complex, even when at first a situation seems simple, factors outside of the initial situation can complicate the court case and make resolving even simple issues very difficult. The team at the law office of Jeredith Jones works diligently to figure out the root of your concerns and to work with you to address your concerns efficiently and thoughtfully. Every family is different so each and every divorce or custody case in Montgomery County Texas is also different.

In many instances, individuals and families facing the court system believe that trial is the only answer to resolve a problem. Jeredith Jones, Attorney at Law is adept and comfortable in trying cases to a judge and to a jury if a trial is necessary. In addition, Jeredith Jones also has a great deal of experience in resolving cases informally or through the mediation process. In these cases, were resolution can be obtained informally or through mediation, it is important to Jeredith Jones, Attorney at Law, that her clients are comfortable with the agreement that they have reached and that the agreement represents an acceptable outcome that will resolve the problems, that her client understands the agreement and his or her responsibilities under the agreement. The staff and attorneys at Jeredith Jones, Attorney at Law utilize time and attention to prepare for each mediation or settlement conference in order to obtain the best possible settlement if a settlement is possible.

As a Montgomery County Divorce Lawyer, Jeredith Jones knows each step in the process of preparing a client’s case for the best possible outcome. Divorce and custody litigation can be a costly investment and is well reported to be the second most stressful life event that an individual can go through. Custody litigation especially can be taxing on a client and on the children that are at the center of the custody case. As a Montgomery County Custody Lawyer, Jeredith Jones works with you to assure that you can protect your rights in a custody case. The focus of the Montgomery County Custody Lawyer Jeredith Jones is to assure that the best outcome for you and your family can be achieved and that your children are at the center of this goal. If your case settles in mediation or if it is necessary to take your case in front of a Judge, Jeredith Jones, Attorney at Law will help to develop your case and assure the best outcome for you and your family.

In addition to the more common divorce and custody litigation cases, Jeredith Jones, Attorney at Law also represents clients in protective orders, protective order defense cases, enforcements, child protection cases, child support cases, termination of parental rights cases, adult adoptions, and child support termination cases. These cases are less frequently litigated but can be very complicated and difficult with many problems that can arise at any point during the litigation. It is important that an individual seek legal representation to make sure that their rights are protected and that the case goes through the court process without a problem. Jeredith Jones has experience representing clients seeking protective orders and also representing clients who are fighting against a protective order. Jeredith Jones, Attorney at Law has represented clients in many types of family law cases and will diligently and thoroughly represent you and protect your rights in any type of family law case in Montgomery County, Texas.

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Very knowledgeable, very professional. I recommend to everyone who seeks legal counsel!! Mandi R.
Jeredith was amazing, helpful, and willing to go above and beyond. Kelly R.