If you are charged with a DWI/DUI, it can be expensive and life altering. You may feel embarrassment, fear, anger, and a host of other emotions because of the arrest. In addition, you may not know what to do now that you are dealing with this unexpected event.

The team at Jeredith Jones, Attorney at Law understands that an accused person will have many questions following an arrest for DWI and those questions may start with something basic like… What’s the difference between DUI and DWI? Jeredith Jones understands that an accused person needs to have all of the information regarding the arrest, the options available to resolve a case and what effect each of these options would have on a person’s life. Unfortunately, the arrest of a person for DWI is often only the beginning of a person’s journey through the criminal system and it will often include consequences and difficulties with a driver’s license, difficulties with employment, and fees and costs that are not easily detected or explained by the many agencies that are involved in the DWI system.

In Montgomery County, DWI / DUI has a strong stigma attached to it, in part because of the media attention to the most serious car crash deaths involving alcohol and or drugs each year. However, many individuals are arrested for Driving while Intoxicated each year who have never been in trouble before and will likely never be in trouble again. Jeredith Jones, Attorney at Law will diligently work to assure the most positive outcome for her client’s cases regardless of the circumstances and facts involved in each case.

Under the Texas Criminal Code, a person commits the offense of Driving while Intoxicated if the person has a blood alcohol level over .08 or if the person is impaired on any substance to the point that that person has lost the normal use of their mental or physical faculties. Some people believe that a person can only be convicted of a DWI for drinking too much alcohol but a person can be arrested and convicted of Driving While Intoxicated if a person takes too much medication, is using illegal drugs including marijuana, or a combination of any substance. A prosecutor will look at the evidence in the case and form an opinion as to if a person looks like they cannot move, think, or speak properly to decide if a person is intoxicated.

If a person is under the age of 21, and has any detectable amount of alcohol in their system, including if that person’s breath smells like alcohol, he or she can be charged with the class C misdemeanor charge of Driving Under the Influence. This charge has fewer consequences than a Driving While Intoxicated charge. The police officer who stops an individual ultimately has the authority to decide if an underage person will be charged with Driving while Intoxicated or Driving Under the Influence.

Jeredith Jones, Attorney at law utilizes her experience working as a prosecutor and as a defense attorney to evaluate, research, and defend citizens against the charge of Driving While Intoxicated and DUI. She further utilizes her experience and relationships to evaluate and investigate the potential mitigating factors or evidence that would not be available to the police and the Prosecutor when a person is arrested for DWI. Jeredith Jones, Attorney at Law has evaluated thousands of driving while intoxicated DWI cases as a prosecutor and as a defense attorney. She understands that DWI is a crime that is investigated in a formulaic manner and that within that formula, weaknesses can be explored to determine if the arrest can support a conviction.

When weaknesses cannot be found within a DWI or drunk driving case, Jeredith Jones explores and explains each of the options that are available to an individual facing a drunk driving charge in Montgomery County, or Conroe. In some instances, accused citizens can obtain a “diversion” and avoid a conviction for Driving While Intoxicated. Jeredith Jones, Attorney at Law has obtained a number of “diversions” for her clients and utilizes creative methods and strategies to obtain the best outcome for her clients.

Jeredith Jones, Attorney at Law has tried many criminal cases both as a district attorney and as a defense attorney. Many of these cases were vehicular crimes including driving while intoxicated and is an aggressive and thoughtful trial attorney regardless of the crime that has been charged against an individual. From the moment that she is retained on a new case, she utilizes resources and information to prepare for the possibility of a trial. Many times, evidence that would be helpful to a person’s case may not be readily discoverable when the state gets ready to try a case. By aggressively preparing a case in this manner, Jeredith Jones, Attorney at Law can obtains evidence to assist in the defense. Jeredith Jones, Attorney at Law, understands how a DWI case is investigated, prepared, tried, won and lost and will defend her clients with aggressive and tactical Criminal Defense in Montgomery County, Conroe, Magnolia, Woodforest, Montgomery, and Splendora.

There are many matters that relate to a Driving While Intoxicated arrest that must be addressed quickly that relate to a person’s driver’s license. When arrested, a person has fifteen (15) days to contest the suspension of your driver’s license. If the deadline is passed, a person faces a driver’s license suspension for a DWI arrest, the requirement of an occupational license would be necessary for an accused person to continue to drive to work, go to the grocery store, school, or even pick up children at their school.

The consequences for a Driving while Intoxicated offense in Texas become more severe upon a second and third arrest for DWI. In addition, a person can have more severe punishment if the breath or blood test shows alcohol levels over .15. These consequences include increased fines, jail time, driver’s license suspension time, the requirement for an alcohol detection devise, known as an Interlock Ignition, both while on bond and after a conviction if any, increased community service, and other consequences.

You may have questions about criminal representation for a DWI and the consequences that come from being arrested for Driving While Intoxicated. If you would like to schedule a consultation or speak to Jeredith Jones, Attorney at Law on the phone regarding being arrested, please call us at (936) 756-3930 to make arrangements today.

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