Child Support

Montgomery County Family Lawyer experienced in Child Support cases. In Texas, Child support is an obligation to the children, not to the parent with whom the children live. There is a specific formula used to determine the amount of child support one may owe under a Child Support Order or Custody Order. The experienced and knowledgeable attorneys at Jeredith Jones, Attorney at Law will look at your case and the facts of your case to assure that the appropriate amount of child support is being paid. Jeredith Jones, Attorney at Law is a skilled advocate with relevant experience helping families and parents with child support calculations and issues in Montgomery County, Conroe, Montgomery, Willis, Magnolia, and the rest of Montgomery County.

Under Texas Child Support Law, child support may be heavily nuanced and affected by many small details including a parties’ net income, health insurance premiums for the benefit of the children, the number of children, overtime, bonuses, interest, rental income, trust income and disability income. It may even include prizes or gifts. In addition, there is a separate calculation for a person if they are self-employed or employed by a company or business.

In some instances, the child support that was ordered in a previous case may no longer be appropriate or may be unduly burdensome given a change in job, insurance cost, or additional biological children. If something has changed in your life, speak with an attorney to discuss the potential for lowering child support.

If you are behind in your child support payments, there can be quasi-criminal consequences. These consequences include facing an enforcement for child support, the potential to go to jail, fined, ordered to pay attorney’s fees for yourself and for the person to whom child support is owed, and other consequences.

Deviation from Standard Child Support Guidelines

The court may decide that the application of the child support guidelines are unfair or inappropriate and can assess more child support or less child support for the child depending on a number of factors. Jeredith Jones, Attorney at Law is experienced in assessing your case for deviation from the standard child support guidelines in Texas and will assist in evaluating your case for appropriate deviation. The factors to be considered are the age of the child, the ability of the parents to contribute to the support of the child, financial resources available for the support of the child, the amount of possession and access to the child, the net resources of the parent to pay support, child care expenses necessary for the employment of either parent, other children not before the court, educational or health needs of the child, including college expenses, benefits from a job, debts or obligations of a parent, wage or salary deductions of the parent, special or extraordinary educational, health care or other expenses of the parents or the child and any other relevant factor. The court will even consider required union dues when determining child support.

Attorney Jeredith Jones is well versed the many different child support issues that occur in a child custody case. Make an appointment today to speak with Jeredith Jones, Attorney at law to discuss child support issues.

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